warning: this blog contains pop culture, fashion and nudity.
miss andry aka andria. i like christina aguilera, russian red lipstick,
poetry, burlesque, pop divas, drag queens, playing the piano/drums/guitar, art and musical theatre. it was a combination of liquor and jazz that led to my downfall.
i've kissed adore delano and natalia kills
 friends of dorothy

powerful female rap artists you can listen to while you ignore iggy azalea


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i know v little about you but i know you're not a failure! !! !!!
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you haven’t seen my grades 


*white 20-something on tumblr voice* buy me pizza and touch my butt I’m so lonely netflix

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you're too cute and nice to be sad n wanna hurt yourself
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i’m a failure :(((


snap selfie x

don't play with pills and razors :( unless you're shaving your legs or something
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i got ready to go out but then i felt too ugly so now i’m in bed thinking about how pathetic i am 

these two lesbians have a massive feud so one sent the other a snap of her kissing me to make the other girl jealous and the other girl got so mad omfg


Versace S/S 2012