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It’s so hard to contain the gay sometimes.

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sexuality: i only like dick when it’s tucked


Florence Tétier

my goal in life is to look like this all the time. barbie’s got nothing on this bitch.

Why is it so hard for you to get cultural appropriation. Why.
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Choosing not to brush my hair is not disrespectful to anybody’s culture in any way. Why can’t you see we’re all earthlings?

Do you, lady ! Your dreads are amazing. These blackies are just mad that you our hair is beautiful and you are able to have beautiful normal hair when you’re done with it

Ew what the fuck is that comment

whoa whoa no. Dreads are fine no matter your race but calling people ‘Blackies’ is an absolute NO. And saying they will be jealous because they would have ‘normal’ hair after??? All hair is normal hair?? ?

Racism is never ever ever okay. 

They’re racists against whites for not letting us have dreads. When their shit colored smelly hair is in dreads then it’s fine I guess but we can’t?



This is what I love about open racists.

At least you know who the enemy is.

This is why I’m beginning to say “no” to white folks with dreads…

””blackies are just mad”

"beautiful normal people hair when you’re done”

"their shit colored smelly hair

When people ask why many Black people are vehemently opposed to white people wanting to be a part of the natural hair movement, remember these statements. Remember that this is not just about hair, but about the stigma and hatred we face for embracing it. It’s about a willful lack of understanding or respect. 


Shit colored? If I recall black people with dreds actually WASH THEIR HAIR because black hair naturally locs, but yts are the ones who don’t brush or wash their hair to make it matted to get what they call ‘dreds’ but that’s none of my business and I am so sleep. 😴🍵💤

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