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miss andry aka andria. i like christina aguilera, russian red lipstick,
poetry, burlesque, pop divas, drag queens, playing the piano/drums/guitar, art and musical theatre. it was a combination of liquor and jazz that led to my downfall.
i've kissed adore delano and natalia kills
 friends of dorothy

wtf why can’t i like my own posts on here

lms if you’re in the mood for a bubble bath and champagne or for lady gaga to fuck you with a strap on


OMG the mobile app made it so you can go through someone’s tag if you click it on their blog

i think i’m a compulsive ass groper help 

best reaction to the new annie trailer


anyone ever consider the fact that queer, trans, and poc on tumblr are so angry because this is the one place we can vent without being

you know


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