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miss andry aka andria. i like christina aguilera, red lipstick
poetry, burlesque, pop divas, drag queens, playing the piano/drums/guitar, art and musical theatre. it was a combination of liquor and jazz that led to my downfall.
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omg my macbook doesn’t arrive for another four days why didn’t i just buy it in a store ffs

What kinda girls do u like
by Anonymous

I wouldn’t say I have a “type” or anything but intelligence and a sense of humour is always sexy. I find assertive, sophisticated women, especially women in pant suits (the Bette Porter type) insanely attractive but I’m also drawn to introverts, and art/classics/english/philosophy majors are always passionate and creative which I appreciate. Physically, I think I have a preference for femme girls, but you never know… 






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